Creekside Lofts


Date of Construction: 1964

Number of Units: 3

Sleeps: 4

Minimum Stay: 1 night

Kitchen: Kitchenette

Rate: $119-$269/night

ADA Accessible: No


You won't get any closer to Ketchikan Creek than the Creekside Lofted Suites. Located just off Creek Street boardwalk and overhanging Ketchikan Creek, you'll marvel at the changing scenery from your balcony as the tidal-changing creek transforms throughout the day. During low tide, you'll witness rushing rapids flowing down the Creek to the enjoyment of seagulls, eagles and herons, while the high tide brings seals, salmon and kayakers. Each unit has a kitchenette, Jacuzzi tub and a loft bedroom with a queen-size bed. Rain or shine, you'll enjoy the Creek from the balcony, witnessing a new sight each day.